How Roots Food Group Works

Healthy, tasty, and affordable meals delivered right to your doorstep. Ask your provider about medically tailored meals, and mention Roots Food Group to get started.

Ready-to-heat Meals.

We make it simple. No prep,
no cooking, no cleanup.
Choose Your Meal Plan
Delivered to Your Doorstep
Heat & Enjoy
Chef-prepared & Registered Dietitian-approved
Roots Food Group medically tailored meals are carefully crafted by our chefs, and approved by registered dietitians to help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and kidney disease. Each Roots Food Group meal plan includes tasty, nutrient-rich breakfast and dinner entrées to savor and enjoy.
Easy Delivery Process
At Roots Food Group, every meal order is packed with care, quickly shipped, and delivered straight to your doorstep. Temperature-controlled packaging keeps your meals frozen to ensure safety and freshness.
Easy to Heat
Roots Food Group makes it simple to eat well and maintain your health. Our meal plans require no shopping, no prepping, no cooking, and no cleanup. And each ready-to-heat meal is ready to enjoy within just 3 minutes.
Fresh, Delicious & Healthy!
At Roots Food Group, we prioritize flavor, and freshness more than our competitors. Each bite into our meals is sure to be healthy, and delicious. Ask your doctor about medically tailored meals today, and let Roots Food Group support your health needs!